With the ringing in of the new year, many of us are shuffling about in attempts to decide what resolutions will make our lives better. And while the typical weight loss goals and attempts to stop smoking are valiant choices, many of us are forgetting about something very important.

When we call ourselves spiritual, we may mean it with every bone in our body, however, without proper maintenance and upkeep, our spiritual aspirations may begin to grow dull. What better time than the new year to better ourselves in the one aspect of ourselves that matters.

Of course, I am not downing other resolutions, however, I believe it is a good time to point out that if we are taking the time to prescribe to the typical resolutions, it is also a good time to set a soul goal. A soul goal is something that we set for ourselves that is intended to holistically better our lives. Not only do these goals improve our physical person, they also pave the way for us to truly better our selves.

So, how exactly does one go about this?

Honestly, there is no better way to achieve the ultimate soul goal than for us to deepen our observations of the self. The best way to achieve this, truly, is to meditate. Sit back in a quiet space, and relax. Get comfortable, and shut off the computer. Turn off your phone and truly tune in to yourself. While goals for our bodies are meant to change them in some drastic way, so too is the soul goal meant to change our spiritual lives drastically.

During your meditation, focus deeply on how you can improve yourself. Seek guidance from your spirit guides and find a goal that will carry you into the months ahead. Don’t jump into the first notion that crosses your mind, instead, think deeply and take your time. Once a goal has revealed itself, sit down and map out a plan.

Make sure that your plan is realistic and that it is something you can continue to work on throughout the year. I know what my resolution is, but what is yours? Share it in the comments below.

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