As you may know, the full moon tonight (May 29th) is going to be bringing a lot of energies to us all. This full moon will be in Sagittarius and that means that it is going to be bringing forth a lot of joy, wisdom, truth, and for some wealth.

Each and every star sign can and will be benefiting from this full moon. It is going to push you to be more creative and break any boundaries that need to be broken. The more you chase your goals the more you will achieve and for a lot of us, those achievements come with financial gain. This full flower moon is a wonderful way to attract abundance even when we aren’t quite aware of it.

This full moon will be bringing to light some very important truths that we have been unaware of and yes, some of them will be a bit harder to see than you want them to be. We might even be compelled to confess some of the things we have been locking away, there is nothing wrong with getting things off of your chest.

The Sagittarius energy forces us to learn to work together instead of pulling us apart. It helps us to prepare for the things to come and brings us closer to the people we need to be close to. It can and will boost you through all of your troubles and put you in contact with exactly who can and will make some of the things you are facing go away.

While this is happening the Sun is also in Gemini which makes for an even more interesting group of energies. Gemini will be preparing us for all that is to come and moving us towards to brightest stars. Its energies will be inspiring you to put all of those useful plans into action. Very much like the Gemini, the Sagittarius is always eager to speak to others. You will be gaining a lot in the weeks to come because of the energies before you tonight, don’t waste them.

Sure, you might not become a millionaire overnight, but you might soon be living comfortably in your dream home surrounded by people who really matter in your life. The sky is the limit and even then when you’re dreaming as big as you are even the sky seems pretty realistic. Go for whatever it is you want to go for.


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