We have all heard plenty about this Cambridge Analytica scandal and Facebook has stated they would be telling those who may have had their information shared but were you one of those people? Do you know how to find out if you were?

Well, since Cambridge Analytica accessed millions of Facebook users’ personal information it is more likely that you were one of those people than that you were not. In case you weren’t aware, the hearing Mark Zuckerberg attended earlier this week really went forward in the direction of censorship on Facebook in general. Basically covering how they seem to be censoring any kind of opinion that conflicts with the one they want to be pushed.

That all aside Facebook has released a way for you to check and see whether or not your information was shared with Cambridge Analytica and if you want to learn how this article is for you. Below I am going to go over how to find out if you were someone affected. Don’t assume you weren’t because I didn’t think I would be but when I checked mine I was. Facebook told me that while I was not directly affected by my own doing my profile may have still been shared via someone on my friend’s list.

How To Check On Web Browser/Computer:

Go to Facebook and on the top right of the page you will see the ‘help’ button, click that. Once you have clicked that go to the ‘help center’ option. Once you are on the screen with a search bar in the middle type in something along the lines of ‘how can I check to see if my information was shared with Cambridge Analytica?’. From here you should select a page that says something similar.

Now that you have done this some information will be displayed on the screen. It will say ‘was my information shared?’ and from there go on to tell you whether or not your information had been shared and if it was how much of it. For instance, on mine, it says the only thing that was shared was my ‘public profile.’


How To Check On Mobile/Facebook App:

Now, if you are checking from your cellphone things may be a bit different. Open the app and select the three little lines in the corner, this may vary from phone to phone but on mine, it is in the bottom right corner. From here scroll to the bottom and click ‘help and support’. Next, you will need to select ‘help center’ just like above and continue on as you would in the browser. Search for ‘how can I check to see if my information was shared with Cambridge Analytica?’ and read whether or not your information was shared when it loads.

If your information was shared with them I strongly suggest checking your shared apps out and updating them as best you can as well as going over your Facebook privacy and ‘public profile. Keep up with the things you make private or public online and always be aware of your presence in this crazy world of the internet. To learn more about this Cambridge Analytica Scandal checkout the video below.

(Image Via: Peconic Public Broadcasting)

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