With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most commonly used social network today. In fact, this number is more than one-third of the world’s population! However, as its popularity grows, so too does the concerns that many people have regarding the safety of its users.

Far too many of us end up collecting friends on Facebook, the number constantly growing, but what does it really mean? Do you have a connection with most of these people, or are they simply hanging around to spy on what’s going on with your life? It’s almost a given that every one of us has at least one ‘friend’ that regularly checks our profile just to keep up to date with our comings and goings.

Sure, there are plenty of apps being advertised across the website. I would even hazard a guess that you have tried one or two. Unfortunately, most, if not all, of these apps are nothing more than a fake designed to collect your personal information. What if I told you that there is still a way?

Interested in discovering who is stalking you? Try this trick from Life Hack:

#000000;#1 – Open Facebook

#2 – Right click on any white area of the website, where it is free form photos or hyperlinked text. In the menu that opens up, click ‘View Page Source’, and then ‘Show Page Source’. These phrases may not sure exactly in that way depending on the browser that you use, but the terminology will be similar.

#3 – The page that opens may appear confusing and overwhelming but try not to worry. You don’t need to know what any of the code on the page means to make this work.

#4 – If you are on a PC, press Ctrl + F. If you are a Mac user, press Command + F. When the search window opens up, type ‘orderedfriends’.

#5 – This is going to pull up a series of numbers, such as ‘123456789’.

#6 – Copies these numbers, and then enter them into your browser window following the Facebook URL. For example, ‘www.facebook.com/123456789’.

#7 – The page that comes up will be your friends list, but with a twist. This list will be arranged in order of how often people view your profile and posts, from the most views down to the least. Therefore, the top of that list you will find your stalkers!

Do you find this process to be cumbersome? Life Hack also revealed a second ‘bonus’ method – a website that can make the whole process far easier. The catch? This website is completely Chinese. We’ll save you the process of having to translate it…

Try this simplified method to locate your Facebook stalkers:

#2 – To select all of the text press Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + C to copy the entire page.

#3 – Visit the website http://tw.piliapp.com/event/facebook-ordered-friends/

#4 – Locate the box with the red arrow. Click on it, then press Ctrl + V. This will paste the entire page worth of text into the box.

#5 – The page will pull up a full display of all your friends.

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