When you think of places like public restrooms, hotel rooms, changing rooms, or other places along those lines, you do not often think of 2-way mirrors. Could somebody be watching you on your regular trip to the bathroom?

Sadly, there have been tons of cases in which severely sick people will install 2-way mirrors in female changing rooms and other similar places. While not everyone knows how to tell the difference between a normal mirror and a 2-way mirror, it is important to learn. At first glance the two will appear to be the same, you can’t tell a difference without touching it.

Place the tip of your fingernail on the surface of the mirror and if there is a gap between your fingernail and the nail in the reversed image then you are looking through a real mirror. If there is no gap you are looking through a 2-way glass and someone might be watching you. “No space, leave the place” is a motto that we need to follow. See the image below for an example.

This is something everyone should know. It could help a lot of people get out of a lot of sick situations. I will always be checking the mirrors everywhere I go from now on. Stay safe! For a few more tips on telling the difference between the two, check out the video below.

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