Because the blood moon is so close, we are well into the eclipse zone. The eclipse zone is the short period of time before the eclipse itself, we are entering into it right now.

Our entering into this eclipse zone brings forth a very intense energetic shift that you are most likely feeling right now. This lunar eclipse to come will bring about lots of emotions and will help you to work through many things that might have been holding you back. As the eclipse makes its way here you will most likely be feeling quite out of place.

Riding out the waves of the times before you will really make things quite frustrating but is well worth it. The transformation welling up within you is going to be one that while you cannot see it, you can feel it. Everyone is going to be affected by this eclipse whether they want to be or not.

Those of us who are highly spiritual or ascension focused will most likely be experiencing some kind of ascension symptoms as the days go by. The Eclipse is set to occur on the 27th but there are many things to sort out before then. The shift before us will continue to grow until the night of the eclipse itself. Once the eclipse occurs it will not stop shifting, the shift is going to last well into the weeks to come so do not allow your mind to be distracted.

In the days to come, you will notice yourself acting quite out of place. Things you normally wouldn’t consider doing will become quite normal for you. You are going to be finding power in new ways and shifting your identity along with the energies surrounding you. During this time focusing on the changes, you can make in a positive light will benefit you greatly.

This kind of shift is not one that many people will understand but it is one you need to be aware of. For more information feel free to check out the video below. While you might not think much of the eclipse it holds much more opportunity than any other astrological event occuring currently.

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