How to Play the Narcissist’s Game And Beat Them At It

If you have ever dealt with a narcissist, then you know what a tangled web of destruction they weave. No matter how much you may try to avoid it, if you are involved with one, unless you cut ties with them, you are bound to get trapped up in their sticky mess at least once or twice.

When someone becomes aware that what they are face to face with is narcissistic abuse there are several options before them. They can leave, stay and deal with it, or like most, they have to figure out how to leave and in the meantime stand up for themselves. When you think about the game narcissists play, you might think about them toying with the minds of their victims. When it comes to leaving a narcissist sometimes you have to beat them at their own game before you manage to get out.

Beating the narcissist at his own game is not easy. It takes a lot on the part of the victim and whenever a clean cut can be made, it should be. Sticking around and playing back to back with the narcissist is asking for more trouble. That being said, getting one over on them can be pretty satisfying, however, is it truly worth it?

You have to be able to take back control over how you feel and not allow him to affect your emotions. This is nowhere near easy and is a lot harder than you could imagine. Set the rules and make sure that you do not let him break them. Don’t let him win back power over your mind.

You need to be able to preserve your own wellbeing all the while not causing further destruction with him. You need to stand up for yourself but not to the point where it causes them alarm or sets them off. Focus on yourself and getting through until you can cut ties once your support system is aware of the issues at hand depending on how severe things are.

Winning at the narcissists game is more or less keep things going but also keep yourself protected. You cannot win at this game, not in the way that you really think you want to but you can win in the sense that you get to move on and you get to better yourself without this toxic person. Sometimes we think revenge is the best option but it’s not always the right thing, especially when dealing with someone like a narcissist.

He will go out of his way to find any and every reason to tear you down, don’t let him. Keeping yourself sane until you get somewhere far away from him is the only way to really come out on top.


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