For those who do not know, alkaline water is great. It holds many wonderful benefits for us all and is usually a much better choice than a neutral or acidic type of water.

Alkaline water is basically just water that is good for us. Yes, better than simply getting purified or filtered water. When you think about how much of our bodies are made up of water, wouldn’t you want to get the best kind? Far too many people these days are choosing soda and things of the sort over water and it is not doing them any favors.

When it comes to this kind of thing, paying attention to your pH balance is important. Also, it is important to note that a study carried out in Japan a few years back found that alkaline water is an effective detoxifying agent as well as quite able to destroy cancerous cells. Now, when it comes to pH levels anything 6.0 or below is considered to be a bit too acidic and anything over a 7.0 is considered to be alkaline. 7.0 is basically the neutral pH and if you are someone that partakes in the western (overly consuming fast food) diet you are probably too acidic within your body which means drinking water over 7.0 would be much better for your health.

That all being said, when it comes to buying alkaline water from the store, you can’t assume the pH written on the bottle is correct. Many have noticed that they are quite inaccurate and some of the most unexpected brands end up being more alkaline than you’d think. If you don’t want to test your water with pH strips you can always check out some videos online of others doing so to find a brand you think will suit you. However, in a pinch sometimes making your own ‘alkaline water’ is a good option as well.

How to Make Alkaline Water at Home:

Things Needed:

1 Gallon container with lid

1 Gallon of filtered or distilled water (preferably one with a more neutral pH)

Sea salt (or Himalayan Pink Salt)

Baking soda

Lemon (optional)

Kitchen knife



Pour about half of a gallon of that water into the other jug. Add in about a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of sea salt. Mix/stir this well until dissolved. From here wash the lemon and cut it in half, squeeze as much juice as you can into the bowl.

Remove any seeds you find. Pour this into your water/salt mixture and place the lid on. Now you can shake as much as you want in order to really get everything properly mixed. Add in the rest of the water to the container and shake a bit more.

This should give you exactly what you need, but will, of course, take about ten minutes of your time. Below I am going to add a video of someone testing the pH of different water brands. If you are opting to buy water from a store, you really need to test your pH levels. Even testing your tap water is going to benefit you big time. Chances are if you don’t like the way water tastes you are getting highly acidic water, alkaline water has a much different taste to it.

Image via Healthy Cures

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