Sure, we know that sometimes in this life we meet people we are instantly connected with. Sometimes those people are past life partners but what a lot of us tend to forget is that we also have past life friendships.

When you come across someone that you have a real spiritual bond with, you know. Friendships are just as important as all the other connections you will have in your life and you should nurture those as well. Friendships that are really true and on a spiritual level will be there for you without motivation. They will stand by your side through all the things this life throws your way.

When we come across people who were close to us in a past life they become apart of our current life. These are members of our soul tribe. They are meant to support us in the ways that we need to be supported. These people really seem to speak the same language as you. They share similar thoughts and insights and when it comes to your emotions they are some of the only people who truly understand.

You feel like you have known these people for your whole life even if you have just met. If they are a soul friend you will feel more-so drawn to them in a non-romantic way. Soul friends present themselves at the best possible moments. They come up when you need them to guide you the most.

Your soul tribe will consist of friends and family members from past lives that really work to build you up in current times. You are there for them in the ways they are there for you. Being around them nourishes your soul and really pushes back against everything this world has weighing heavily down onto your being.

You can be yourself in your most raw form when you are with your soul tribe. While this might seem a bit confusing when you have found a soul tribe member you will know. They will stand out more-so than anyone else. Finding members of your soul tribe is a wonderful thing.


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