Bees do so much more than we could ever imagine. Those tiny wings do all they can to carry pollen and tend to thousands of flowers each day all the while assisting us in the long-run.

While you might not think about them often, they get thirsty too. We put out things like bird feeders and whatnot but have you ever considered setting up a safe space for the bees to get some water? And while you may have a bird bath and feel that it should suffice, it actually isn’t a good option for bees.

Bees need shallow water to drink from but shallow water tends to evaporate fairly quick. You see, if the water is not shallow enough the bees might literally drown trying to get a drink. Bees tend to risk their lives far more than you’d think when it comes to doing something as simple as getting a drink of water.

They often drown in pools during the summertime or even hot tubs. If all the bees were to drown we would be in for a serious problem. Bees pollinate almost three-quarters of the food that produces at least 90 percent of what the world eats according to World Bee Day. Giving them something to drink is the least we can do.


The best way to help these little creatures to stay hydrated and alive is to set up a bee waterer. They work well and are quite inexpensive to make, some of us already have the things needed lying around our homes. Below I am going to go over how to make a bee waterer if you want to do your part in helping them stay alive, this is a great way to start.

How To Make A Bee Waterer:

Things Needed:

A Shallow Bowl (or even a frisbee would do)
A Pack of Marbles (the flat kind you’d see in a fish tank)
Clean Water

(If you would rather use something besides marbles you can also use sticks, wine corks, or anything else that would provide the bees with a safe place to land that won’t cause them harm.)


Pour the marbles into the bowl or the upside down frisbee. From here add in the pack of marbles and pour some clean water over it. This will give the bees a safe place to land when drinking and allow them to get the hydration they need without risking their lives. While it might not seem like much this will really make a huge difference in their lives.

This is a small step in the right direction. Just remember to change the water out daily so that you don’t attract mosquitoes or something of the sort and you should be golden.

Image via Live Love Fruit

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