Prepare yourself for the powerful and life-changing energy that is to come with the July 27th total lunar eclipse. What does this incredible phenomenon have in store for your life?

While we experience approximately 2-3 lunar eclipses each and every year, the coming total lunar eclipse is a unique one. Not only will this eclipse coincide with the full blood moon, it will also occur in the unique, one-of-a-kind sign of Aquarius. With all of these different energies coming together, this is sure to be a time of great change. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Anytime that a lunar eclipse graces the night sky, it forces us to face the darkest secrets that exist within our hearts and our minds. Known as our ‘shadow self,’ this is the side of our personality that we go out of our way to hide from the world for fear of judgment, misunderstanding, and criticism. These are our greatest weaknesses, and as long as we are denying their existence we are robbing ourselves of the opportunity to address them and truly grow.

With our shadow self front and center, we are presented with an opportunity to reassess everything that defines who we are as a person today. This includes our thoughts, feelings, emotions, morals, relationships, goals and passions. True success isn’t just about reaching the goals that we have determined for ourselves. It involves finding a true balance, growing in every one of these areas. You may become the well-known, financially independent CEO of your own company, but if your relationships are still falling short then you haven’t achieved complete success.

Take some time to step back and reassess the path that you are currently on. Does this journey align itself with your morals and beliefs, or are you compromising this all too important side of who you are as a person? If there is any question, then it is time to make a significant change.

You may find yourself feeling trapped, forced to travel a specific path due to the choices that you have made up to this point. Despite your many attempts to find a detour, all you discover is barriers forcing you to stay on course. Good news. The highly individual energy associated with Aquarius is going to provide you with a highly creative and outside-the-box way of thinking. While this may be uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to step into the unknown. This unique outlook on life will open your eyes to new and exciting opportunities and solutions.

Finally, the influence of the full moon will provide you with the fuel that you need to inspire change and keep you moving. When looking at the lunar cycle, this is the peak of your emotional intensity. These emotions have the power to either build you up and propel you forward or tear you down, the choice is yours. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and harness them to motivate you through the toughest of times.

If you harness this opportunity for change and growth today, you can settle yourself up for an incredible future!

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