Strong women are all over this planet. They are people who move through life always solving their own issues.

You will never see the weak side of these strong women, but it is there. They are hard working and passionate about everything meaningful in their lives. They are able to bring a lightness to the air with just a mere smile and they really work wonders on the way we are feeling when they encourage us.

We take strong women for granted far too often. We look at them and think they have their lives together, we think they must not have a care in the world but we are so wrong. We don’t realize how much they are fighting and we never see their struggles.

Just because they seem perfect and positive doesn’t mean they are. These strong women are different, and we will never completely understand what they are going through on the inside. We are all human and we all break sometimes. Perhaps if we felt their pain we could begin to understand them a bit better.

We are all different and everyone is strong in their own ways but strong women are a ‘breed’ all their own. They are much more uplifting than most even when they are going through some of the most unbearable situations. You will never see how they cry themselves to sleep at night or how they scream into their pillow when they are far too frustrated to get out of bed.

These women will always be there for the people they care about but they will not ask for help. They will want to do everything on their own and they will swallow all of their own tears in order to come off as much more strong than they are. This makes them even stronger when you think about it.

They know what to do in most situations and have all the answers if you are willing to ask the right questions you might be surprised at what you find. They will hide away their problems and keep their own issues to themselves unlike the rest of this world.

They sometimes feel broken because the people in this world take a lot out of them. They are giving and trying all that they can but this world never realizes that what they have done is good enough. Their truth is never recognized.

These women are their own ‘knights in shining armor.’ They find their own confidence when they need it and they find their own happiness from within. These women do not realize how strong and amazing they truly are. They are powerful, brave, and far more fascinating than the rest of the people of this world.

These women are sometimes broken, sure, that much is true, whether they want to admit it or not but they are survivors. They are able to grow and adapt, you’d be surprised at how magical strong women truly are. If you know someone who does all they can for the people they care for and doesn’t ever mention their own pains or burdens, thank them.

Strong women may be broken but it doesn’t stop them. They may feel broken inside or even shattered from time to time because they give far more than they should but they can handle themselves. They really are far more important to this world than we tend to notice. It is okay to feel broken even if you are strong, we are all human.

Image created by Thomas Salliot

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