How Sex Affects Our Aura: The Spiritual Consequences of Sleeping Around

A hook up here and a hook up there, no biggie, right? Well, wrong. Although sex is natural and good for us, we should be treating it as a spiritual endeavor instead of a simple hook up.

Sexual energy is unstable and while it can transport us to blissful states of delight, it can also leave us with an aching heart and saddened soul. Many people and religions treat sex as a bad thing and demonstrate it to be an imbalance force against spiritual development. While it can cause much mental anguish, we must erase the imaginary line drawn between our minds and below our belts. We need to spiritualize sex.

We can’t alter our sexual nature and instincts, but we can use spiritual practice to overcome the limitations imposed by nature on our sexuality. We can transform the mismatch between male and female sexuality into a journey of spiritual growth. It enables you to fully embody the spiritual significance of the other individual and yourself. Both men and women must learn to integrate sexual energy to higher levels. Sexual vitality can be directed upward from the heart to the top of the head. It circulates sexual vitality through the central meridian channels or energy highways.

Sexuality that centers on the genitals correspond to passionate sex, while sexuality integrated with the heart-centered energy can correspond to intense lovemaking. Sexually integrated through all of the energetic points of the body can correspond to cosmic ecstasy. This is the most blissful and fulfilling version of sex.

This version of sex is not only more enjoyable, but it makes you grow spiritually. You merge souls with another individual instead of just using each other’s bodies. It’s an amazing process, and makes everything much better! But what is exactly is happening to our energy when we have sex? Well, we leave an aural footprint on each other essentially. Sometimes we feel different after we have sex with someone. That’s because when we have sex with a new partner, your aura connects with your partners and you exchange energy.

Feelings of guilt are often primarily associated with the ego and can be diminished along with it. It doesn’t mean that you’ve done a bad thing or had sex with a bad vibrational individual. However, intercourse with someone with a low vibrational frequency will lower yours. As will a higher vibrational person will raise yours.

All in all, sex is something very energetic and metaphysical. People today treat it as something for mere physical enjoyment, and that’s not what it’s about. It’s about the merging of two soul individuals.


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