We already know that the things we say and think matter but to what extent? This study seems to make it clear that extent is quite intense, to say the least.

The study I am referring to above was published in the Journal Scientific Exploration. While this study is a bit older, it is something we need to go over. This study comes from researchers and scientists carried out at Princeton University. This study found that REGs can produce anomalous outputs when deployed in various group environments.

For those who may not be familiar with such, REGs use computer technology to generate ones and zeros in random sequences. These numbers are constantly printed on a graph. Deviations of any kind show spikes and curves on the graph. Enormous spikes were noted when people were panicking, showed anxiety, or were excited.

This study in itself is an example of how our thoughts alone can be and are connected with the world around us. You can click here to go over this study yourself but the research in regards to this does not stop there.

A more current study took things to another level. Dr. R.D. Nelson from Princeton University showed that this was something we could observe more-son in extreme situations. The results shown above were very obvious during the twin tower attack on September 11, 2001. You can click here to see that study and here for the extended analysis.

Dr. Emoto himself has proven in real time that our thoughts can influence water. Many researchers have covered this topic in different manners and the results are, for the most part, all pointing in one direction. Our thoughts can influence, water, matter, quantum objects, and even the behavior of other people. What we put into this world whether it is spoken or not really does matter.

Dr. Emoto through his water experiments was able to give us a quite in-depth look at what different thoughts did to water. He was able to find that water ‘treated’ with different intentions formed different ice crystals than others. This experiment was undergone in double-blind conditions.

Our thoughts hold much more power than we assume they do. Be aware of your mind.


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