For some reason, a lot of people think that spirituality and religion are the same things, but they are not. Sure, I could see why some would assume that but if you are educated on the meanings of both you know that a person can be spiritual without religion at all and vice versa depending on their mindset.

The definition of religion is basically one of two things the service and worship of God (or Gods or Goddesses etc) or the supernatural and the devotion or commitment to a religious faith or observance. It is a cause or system of beliefs held together by ‘faith.’ Now in explaining this, I am not downing anyone’s ‘God’ or who they follow, you are free to believe in whatever you want or nothing at all if that is what you choose. Personally, I do not have a religion but have many people close to me who believe all kinds of different things.

Spirituality, on the other hand, is the quality or state of being spiritual and for some the attachment to their religious values. See what I mean? They are not the same thing. You can have both or you can have either or, religion is not required for you to be spiritual and so forth. Spirituality can thrive just fine without religion.

One of the main differences between spirituality and religion that I have noted is that religion, for the most part, claims to be the truth and pushes us down specific paths, when you are free of religion but open to spirituality you are free to follow whatever path you choose as they all lead to the right place in the end. Religion in itself is not a bad thing but we humans have made it into a bad thing, no one knows what to believe because the people running things have become so corrupt. Spirituality, while littered with false gurus, is nowhere near as corrupt, you are free to do as you please without following any set of rules.

Spirituality invites you to see things for yourself where-as religion merely wants you to be a follower. Religions tend to be quite condemning and controlling. Don’t get me wrong, some religions are great and if you choose to follow one in your own way chances are you might not be forced into anything but I personally could not follow something that justified discrimination. I like that being religion free and living my life to the fullest all the while helping those around me I don’t sit in fear of doing or saying the wrong thing.

We are all humans and we all make mistakes. I guess what I am saying is that we destroy religion, and religion does not destroy spirituality. We make the worst out of something beautiful, there is nothing wrong with believing in a specific higher power but you shouldn’t be afraid of something written by humans and enforced by humans. We are flawed and not everything we predict is the truth. Just because someone has read their bible 800 times doesn’t mean they know everything about their God. They still only know what has been written by man.

Once again, I am not being negative towards any specific religion or religion at all. I just think this is a conversation that needed to be started. Where does your stance on this lie?


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