Just because someone is family doesn’t mean that you owe them something. Sure, we should value our families but if the people we hold close are causing us pain or holding us back we shouldn’t waste our time.

We do not often expect our families to sometimes do the things they do and when they reveal themselves as toxic there is not much you can do about it besides moving forward without them. Yes, the bond you have with this person might be strong but if it is causing you to hurt you deserve to free yourself of the burden.

Below I am going to go over some of the things toxic family members do. These are things that we should not let happen. While in rare instances talking things out will resolve the issue but if it doesn’t do not continue putting yourself through all that negativity. Once again, you do not owe anyone anything, just being ‘family’ doesn’t give anyone a free for all to tear you down or treat you badly.

7 Things Toxic Family Members Will Do:

1. They always bring you down.

This person is always bringing you down and making sure that you know when you have made a mistake even if you are working to correct it. They never have anything nice to say and are constantly criticizing everyone. It’s like nothing you do is ever good enough.

2. You cannot trust them.

This person is someone that you cannot tell your secrets to. They love drama and will run to someone else almost immediately to spill the tea. If you confide in someone they should respect you enough to leave it between the two of you.

3. They are very judgy.

This person is always saying something to someone about something they are doing wrong. They judge everyone they come across be it to their face or behind their back. Drama is something they live for.

4. They don’t come around unless they need something from you.

This person will disappear for weeks only to pop up asking for money and dip out once he or she has gotten it. They take advantage of you and everyone they can. Chances are they never actually pay you back and if they don’t need you, they won’t be in contact period.

5. They always make things about themselves.

No matter what is going on this person will always rule the conversation. They only want to talk about themselves and the things they are doing. They refuse to help comfort you or give you real advice on anything.

6. They are constantly losing their tempers.

This person explodes when things go south. For instance, if you refuse to give them what they want they may jump right into calling you names and making you feel bad. They want to as mentioned above, tear you down as low as they can get you.

7. They refuse to admit when they are wrong.

This person will never own up to his or her mistakes. Everything they do wrong is somehow magically not their fault. You will most likely only ever get a fake apology from them.

Do these things sound like things the people in your life should be doing? I didn’t think so. Don’t let someone walk all over you just because they’re family. Take care of yourself by doing what is best for you.

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