Sure, we all know that there are benefits to eating lemons and/or drinking lemon juice but did you know frozen lemons had their own benefits as well? It seems frozen might be the best way to go when it comes to lemons, to be completely honest.

As is lemons contain a lot of beneficial things, they are overflowing with antioxidants and limonoids that can even go so far as to help stop cancerous tumors. The peel of the lemon itself is easily the most important part and should not be thrown out but ingested. Zesting the lemon is one way to do things but if you freeze the lemon you can basically grate the whole thing.

By freezing the whole lemon and grating it you can from there add it to just about anything. This makes the lemon far easier to use and leaves you reaping all of the benefits instead of merely some of them. The limonoids as mentioned above are extremely beneficial when it comes to fighting cancers of the skin, lungs, breasts, stomach, colon, and mouth.

A study from back in the late 90s that was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry even found that the coumarins in lemons are able to work as chemopreventative agents by inhibiting radical generation. There is a lot within the lemon that can and will benefit someone with or who wants to prevent cancer in itself. Another very prominent benefit of frozen lemon is that when we consume the right amount it can also help detox our bodies. This also helps to fight the presence of lipids in our blood and preventing bad cholesterol.

While this may sound a bit crazy, we all know that when we eat healthily we are benefiting our bodies, this is the same concept. Know the benefits of the things you might be putting in your body and why you should be ingesting them. There is a lot more to the foods we eat than we realize. Sometimes preparation is key.

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