We all respond to things in life differently but some of the signs are a bit more predictable than you might think. Because of the traits, we have been given heartbreak is something a lot of us take in a way that reflects our sign.

Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and how he or she reacts to heartbreak. These things will be good and bad but still, help you to see into each sign a bit more deeply. Take a look below to see what we have to say about your sign.


When you go through heartbreak you shut everyone out completely. You throw yourself even more into your work before and move on with your life. You do not give yourself time to grieve or process what you have been through you just continue on as if nothing has happened.


When you go through heartbreak you obsess over it. You refuse to let anyone else in and you damn sure don’t want to talk about it. You become angry on the inside and it shows on the outside. You cause the people closest to you to walk on eggshells.


When you go through heartbreak you move on right then and there. You find someone to fill that hole in your heart and then you ruin them. You let them get close only to be the one to hurt them in the end. This is your way of getting even with the one who hurt you but it’s not doing anyone any good.


When you go through heartbreak you completely shut down. You struggle to function and damn near cannot even get out of bed. Nothing feels right and even eating is a chore you don’t care to do.


You move right along when your heart is broken. You do not let it phase you but you do get even. You demolish the life of whoever hurt you in the best way that you can. Revenge is something you are very good at.


When you go through heartbreak you learn from it in the wrong way. You let it turn you off to love. You don’t know how to really let go and it is a big problem for you.


When your heart is broken you laugh. You act as if this person has done something good for you. You put on a happy face and continue about your business because you don’t want anyone to see you in a vulnerable state. This only causes more pain for you.


When heartbreak finds you, you head right on over to your rebound. You always have someone else lined up. Letting anyone see your pain is not an option. You shove those feelings of hurt in a box and throw them out.


When you go through heartbreak you run, you are a runner in all aspects of the word. You jump ship and give up, no one can make you feel that way if you don’t allow it. Getting close to people is hard for you as it is.


When you go through heartbreak you do your best to keep it together. You keep as much composure as you can but in the end that isn’t much composure at all. Distracting yourself from the pain will only help for a moment.


When you go through heartbreak you dive right into your hobbies and let your friends keep you company. Out of all the zodiac signs, I think you take heartbreak in the best manner. You don’t refuse to feel or shut down, you just let it happen.


When you go through heartbreak you find something to cheer you up and you go with it. You don’t let yourself stay down in the dumps. Moving forward is something you know has to happen so you make it happen.


Image Via: Chris Brown’s “Heartbreak On A Full Moon”

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