How An Empath Can Be Wrongly Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

People are different in ways you’d never imagine. Some us are capable of extremely gifted talents and abilities. Some of us are even labeled as Bipolar when we’re actually just empaths!

You might be familiar with the term empath. An empath is someone who has deep spiritual abilities brought forth by the cosmos. The term empath is derived from the word empathy, meaning shared emotions. Given, an empath has the ability to feel other people’s feelings, emotions, and even the deepest depths of hidden traumas. Empaths have been studied for thousands of years by many different religions. They can perceive physical sensitivities as well as emotional ones. Empaths can suffer because they absorb so much energy from other people. They are very commonly fatigued, environmental sensitivities, and unexplained aches and pains daily.

You might’ve heard of Bipolar Disorder recently, as it is an extremely common disorder. It affects mood and is characterized by a number of mood disorders. Diagnosis ranges from severity and it is ideally the most common psychiatric diagnosis among those with empathetic powers or skills.

Empaths often ignore their own needs because they are always so focused on the needs of others. The can’t help but absorb other people’s negative energy and they focus intently on that. It happens so often, they very commonly shutout their own needs completely. This can cause massive amounts of emotional trauma and stress on an empath.This can cause an empath to suffer from mood disorders or dysregulations. It might even cause them to become severely depressed. Because an empath is not born knowing who they truly are, they instinctually seek help for their uneven moods and mental health. This might cause them to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Empaths can even experience psychotic symptoms in extreme cases such as delusions and hallucinations. Periods of heightened stress and negative emotional energy can severely accelerate the symptoms of bipolar disorder too.

If you’re an empath and believe you need relief from the emotional stress it causes instead of being bipolar, you might find relief through practices of mindfulness and meditation. Meditation is an excellent way to realign your energy and gain back control over your mind.


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