While many of us take the time to learn and understand our Sun Signs, or the Zodiac signs we see most commonly discussed. Knowing ‘your sign’ is both a great source of information and also a form of entertainment for many as we turn to our sun signs for insight into our perfect career, who we should date, and what ‘power color’ will help you to succeed in your next job interview. But is the sun sign the only sign that can provide us with important info on how to dominate your future.

Often overlooked, the placement of Saturn at the time when you were born plays an important role in the energy surrounding your life. Furthermore, Saturn completes a rotation once every 30 years bringing with it the ‘Saturn Return.’ This is a time of self-reflection, confronting your biggest fears, goal setting, and personal growth. Consider the Saturn Return like a wake-up call, forcing you to reconsider your choices and the path you are currently taking.

What does this mean for you? First, you must find out where the planet Saturn was at the time of your birth. You can do so by using an online calculator or sign table like the one located here. The energy of Saturn is one of hard work, dedication, growth, and success. Due to this focus of energy, you can often determine which career path you will succeed at based on the location of Saturn in your birth chart.

Based on the time required for Saturn to complete its rotation, people experience the energy shift of the Saturn Return in their late twenties, extending into the early thirties. This is a notable time in our lives when we are moving into our responsible adult lives – establishing careers, settling down and finding out footing in this world. This experience will not come around again until approximately age 57-60. Interestingly enough, the Saturn Return coincides with the socially acknowledged ‘quarter life crisis.’ Coincidence?


Once you have determined where Saturn is in your birth chart, read on to determine what this impact will mean in your life:


Focused solely on your own personal interests and demands in life, you can be impulsive in your choices forgetting about the potential cost, or the way that your actions can impact those around you. This habit of diving in without holding back can help you succeed in some ways – starting and adopting trends well before anyone else even hears that they exist. It can, however, hold you back as you forget about those that you are working with coming across as self-serving and bossy. Your Saturn Return will be about learning how to balance your determination with a genuine concern for those around you, which will make you a better leader.

Ideal Careers: Military Officer, CEO, Motivational Speaker, Athlete


You live your life focusing on the finer things in life, surrounding yourself with higher end furniture, designer clothing, the latest electronics, beautiful jewelry and anything that will turn the heads of those around you as you enter the room. The problem, however, lies in the fact that you don’t always have the finances to support your spending habits. During your Saturn Return, it is time to focus on your financial education, developing your skills in budgeting, investing, saving, and delayed gratification. Sure, it may not feel as rewarding in this moment, but you will benefit from it long term!

Ideal Careers: Hospitality, Fine Goods, Retail Owner


With incredible skills in communications, you are never at a loss for words. You are not only a powerful speaker but also a talented writer, expressing yourself in ways that captivate those around you. Your friends and family likely tell you that you ‘always know the right thing to say.’ This biggest thing that is likely holding you back is a reluctance to put yourself out there, shy about sharing your work. The Saturn Return will represent a time of personal growth, building your self-confidence and learning to trust in your own personal abilities. You’ve got an incredible gift, don’t deny the world the opportunity to enjoy it.

Ideal Careers: Writer, Teacher, Software Developer, Salesperson


Those with Saturn in Capricorn are highly focused on family, friends, and home. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you had a perfect childhood, in fact, your desire to hold onto your family so tightly may stem from a detached parent or family struggles. On the other hand, you may have come from an ideal family and are now struggling to let go and move onto the next stage of your life. Regardless of the cause, Saturn Return is your opportunity to reassess your priorities. In order to start your own family, you may have to establish some healthy boundaries between yourself and your extended family. This doesn’t mean removing them from your life, just taking the time to adequately prioritize your time focusing on your own home and family including your spouse, children and even your pets.

Ideal Careers: Hospitality, Nursing, Culinary Arts, Small Business Owner, Working from Home


You view the world through rose-colored glasses, romanticizing everyone and everything that happens in your life. In your mind, you are living in your own Hollywood Blockbuster, but that doesn’t line up with the reality of life around you. Saturn Return is going to open your eyes to a harsh reality, which may be difficult to accept at first, however, it will benefit you in the long run. Viewing the world with a dose of reality will allow you to make achievable goals, boost your self-confidence, and find your voice in this world. You have an incredibly creative soul, and this will be your opportunity to learn to fully express it.

Ideal Careers: Theater, the Arts, Interior Decorator


Everything has a place, and there is a place for everything. You live a life of order and organization, and your perfectionist tendencies refuse to accept anything less. Unfortunately, life is messy, and you are going to have to handle chaos at one time or another. During Saturn Return you will be forced to face this weakness and put into situations in which you have to learn to ‘go with the flow.’ It’s going to be hard, and likely uncomfortable, but when you learn to loosen up your need for control and roll with the punches there will be nothing that can hold you back. Furthermore, if you combine this dedication, tenacity and drive with your love for all things natural, then your passion will be all the fuel that you need.

Ideal Careers: Non-profit Work, Holistic Healing, Therapist, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Masseur


Your life is built around the connections that you develop and the people that you hold dear. While other people may collect money or material possessions, you collect relationships. While you understand, to some level, the importance of having other people in your life you may be struggling to establish a proper balance between give and take, creating a one-sided relationship in which you are being taken advantage of. During Saturn Return you will be pushed to establish healthy boundaries. This may cost you a few ‘friendships,’ but try to remember that those who truly want the best of you will respect and honor your new rules. You may also find yourself driven to take a big step in your relationships during this time, whether it’s an engagement, moving in together, or ending a long-term relationship that isn’t completely serving you. Follow your heart.

Ideal Careers: Law, Fashion, Sales, Law Enforcement


Passionate about all that you do, it is not uncommon for someone with Saturn in Scorpio on their birth chart to walk the fine line between passion and obsession with your interests and hobbies. For example, a love of the gym may be fueled by an obsession with your weight and body image. During Saturn Return you will begin to work through these obsessions, rediscovering yourself and the reason that you were called to these passions, to begin with. This will mark a significant life change, so there may be some life-changing events to shape this new path. Try to keep in mind that even the most difficult experiences can be a time of transformation and growth, leading you to bigger and better things. Keep pushing forward and chasing your dreams while continuing to keep your heart and mind open to near personal discoveries.

Ideal Careers: Medicine, Helping People Through Personal Crises and Transformations


Refusing to be confined to one location, you believe that the world is your playground. Always open to new experiences and grand adventures – there is nothing that you won’t try at least once, twice if you like it. If you have currently hit a run in your life and haven’t been traveling for awhile, take Saturn Return as an opportunity to turn this around. This may mean taking a job in a different country, studying abroad, or making plans for a significant vacation to see a new area of the world that you have never before experienced. On the other hand, if you have been traveling consistently, this may be the time to settle down and take some time off, rediscovering your roots. You are always eager to learn, so harness that love and return to school for a graduate degree, complete a certification or sign up for some college courses to improve your skills.

Ideal Careers: Teaching, Travel Guide, Airline Pilot, Publishing


You know what you want in this life, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it with no regard for the potential costs and detriment to your current life. Despite the satisfaction of reaching your goals and dreams, Saturn Return may bring the reminder that the end does not always justify the means. Take some time, step back and try to view the bigger picture. You may have hit a wall in your career path, feeling as though you have accomplished all that you can, or that you are no longer passionate and driven in your line of work. This lapse of ambition may be an indication that it is time for a career change. Take this period of time to consider your options and follow your heart.

Ideal Careers: CEO, Director, Management, Big Business


While you are particularly passionate about humanitarian issues and the well-being of those around you, you may also find yourself distanced from others or isolated. This is incredibly difficult for you, and a cause of great distress, but Saturn Return will provide you with the opportunity to change this. Keep your heart and mind open in order to ensure that you don’t miss any potential opportunities. Take your passion for humanitarian work and use it as a chance to meet new people and open doors. You are also highly skilled in the areas of technology and innovation, a skill that can be incredibly beneficial in today’s day and age. Building upon these skills can allow you to achieve great success.

Ideal Careers: Start a Non-Profit, Social Justice, Technology, Inventor


All of your life you have felt a strong calling to care for those around you. You are likely the person that everyone comes to for advice, the person who always knows how to ‘make it better.’ This compassion and care for others will be heightened during Saturn Return, providing you with new opportunities to pursue this passion. You may have been considering going to school to pursue a medical career or studying alternative or holistic medicine. This is the time to take that step and begin the path that you have been called to take. Don’t be misled, it isn’t going to be easy. Draw on your love of the arts to create feelings of peace and tranquility in your life. This includes creative outlets such as art, poetry, and music.

Ideal Careers: Holistic Healing, Doctor, Nurse, Psychologist

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