Once a month we are presented with an incredible opportunity to harness the energy and power of the moon cycle in order to manifest the positive energy of the new moon. The first phase of the 29-day lunar cycle, the new moon marks a new beginning and fresh start, opening the door for the energy and potential that will follow.

During the new moon, the moon itself is not visible in the night sky, the exact opposite of the highly celebrated full moon. This leaves the night itself dark, lacking the aid of the sun to help illuminate the night sky. Also called the dark moon, the new moon represents a clean slate – a blank sky just waiting for the exciting things that are yet to come. This is similar to our own reaction, the feeling that we have while we are standing on the edge of something amazing, a new journey laid out before us, and we are prepared to take that first step.

This fresh beginning can also help to strengthen your own new beginnings, empowering you to set goals and dreams that are sure to see success. This is the time to trust your intuition and set your intentions for the month to follow. Allowing the energy from the new moon to guide you, no goal is too challenging or demanding.


To begin, you need to take the time to clear your mind of distracting thoughts or preconceived notions. This will allow you to approach this time similar to the moon, as an empty canvas, open to the exciting opportunity to start something new. This can be achieved through the use of breathing exercises or meditation, focused on cleansing your thoughts both of worries for the future and regrets from the past, focusing instead on the here and now.

It is recommended that you set your intentions either on or shortly after the new moon. Keep in mind, that the new moon may be expected to arrive in the middle of the night, or at an odd hour like 3 AM. You are not expected to wake up for that time, instead, make it a priority when you wake in the morning.  You can set your intention by writing it down or speaking it aloud, releasing these thoughts and goals to the Universe. The new moon phase of the lunar cycle will last approximately 3-4 days, so you have a window of opportunity to fit this into even a busy schedule.

Remember, by setting your intentions you are not going to see an immediate reward. Setting your intention is like planting a seed. It will take time and care to encourage its growth. Your intention will also require your effort, focus, and attention. Once you have made this known, begin the necessary steps to make this goal a reality. Regardless of how big your goal may be, every goal starts with taking small, attainable steps in the right direction.

Tonight, the New Moon is upon us. The next couple days will serve as the perfect time to take the first steps towards success, achievement and a better version of yourself. Don’t pass up on this opportunity!

Feature Image Source: Little Rebel Buddha

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