HAARP: Secret Weapon Used for Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare

By February 18, 2017 Video

HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is an extremely important United States military defense program that has generated a ton of controversy over the years. It is believed that we will reach full-spectrum military dominance by the year of 2020.

While HAARP officials deny this it is quite possible. HAARP has been quietly using their technology for weather modification, causing earthquakes and tsunamis in order to disrupt global communication systems. Large parts of this program have remained secret for quite some time. The reason we are given behind this secrecy is ‘national security.’ That is what we are told almost every time the government keeps something from us that we should be aware of.

I do not doubt that one bit that HAARP holds electromagnetic weapons capable of being used in warfare. The HAARP website itself acknowledges that experiments are done in which electromagnetic frequencies are being used to fire pulsed directed energy beams to ”temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere.” Purposefully disturbing this layer could end up with disastrous consequences.

Dr. Michel Chossudovsky and Dr. Nick Begich have presented evidence that this type of disturbance could cause a tsunami or an earthquake. That, as you can see draws these lines together quickly when it comes to concluding that HAARP does in fact, change the weather sometimes. There have been several documentaries made on HAARP and this technology. If you would like to view the fifteen minute CBC documentary, click here. 

The government does have the ability to control the weather and create biological weapons. Denying the existence of these things does no good. For more information on HAARP please take the time to watch the video below. What if the tsunamis in Haiti were actually on purpose?

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