What better occasion to bring some close friends and family together than a meteor shower? Call up your closest friends because the most mesmerizing meteor shower in history is happening on November 10th!

The year two thousand seventeen has been an extravagant period of time for the sky. All kinds of solar events have happened this year from the Perseid Meteor shower, the solar eclipse, the Orionid meteor shower, and now you have to get ready for the most beautiful night phenomenon known as the Taurids meteor shower!

On the tenth of November, 2017 the Taurids meteor shower will rain down and be visible in both hemispheres. The Taurids refer to the meteors coming out of the constellation Taurus the Bull. Many researchers and astronomers and also very intrigued by the fact that this will be occurring alongside the full moon in Taurus we had on the 4th. Researchers describe what you should expect to see as ‘short bursts of energy’!

The meteor shower will occur in both hemispheres, but the Northern half of the world will see the most of it on the 10th! The Southern hemisphere Taurid meteor shower was at full intensity in mid-October, but it will also be visible on the 10th as well. The tricky part is that you have a greater chance at seeing more activity just before daylight.

The Taurids meteor shower radiates times of spiritual healing, growth, and development. Perhaps you can meditate while watching the event unfold. It is going to be a very energetic time in our universe!

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