The full sturgeon moon will be happening very soon, on August 26th and while you may want to get a lot done you should give yourself a moment to relax. Whether you have been at a standstill for quite some time or working your rear end off, you still need a moment to yourself.

With this full moon, Virgo season is also upon us. That meaning that while the full moon is in Pisces and you will be gaining a bit of compassion you will also notice a bit of hyper-criticism as well. You have to really think about where what you are feeling is coming from before acting on it.

This full moon is going to be bringing forth a sense of wisdom you have not seen in a long time. You will be able to move forward in life without being held back and you will be able to truly see things as they are. During this time it is important to follow your gut and listen to all the universe has to offer.

Your main setback with this full moon is going to be the vulnerability that comes with that Pisces energy. It is going to have you really tearing away at the old and making way for the new. This full moon is going to be all about healing and preparing you for where you need to be. It is going to bring forth the patience you need to get you through whatever is being thrown your way.

During this time we all need to remember to slow down and pay attention to the messages the universe is sending. The universe speaks to us in many ways and one of those ways is through our intuition. Sure, emotions may be running high but not without reason. Your inner being is going to feel quite conflicted but once you find the balance you need something amazing will be headed your way.

This full moon is a very amazing opportunity for us all. We can transform ourselves into who we are meant to be if we work hard enough and allow ourselves to heal deep enough. You don’t have to put things off, just go about them in a more relaxed and breathable manner. This is no race, you will get where you are going when you are meant to get there.

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