Fukushima Radiation: Hundreds of Millions of Salmon Completely Die Off on U.S. West Coast

As you are aware we are still dealing with the catastrophic effects of Fukushima. The ocean food chain is likely damaged to the point that sea life could die off completely as a result.

According to some information coming from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, salmon numbers have dropped drastically from the Sacramento River. On top of this million of Salmon are missing from the Pacific Ocean and of course presumed dead. It appears salmon all over the world are declining in numbers.

Salmon in the Yuba River appear to be collapsing as well. Salmon runs have dropped to a record low and we are not sure how to take things. Japanese salmon fisheries are the lowest they have been in around three whole decades. What is happening to all the salmon? This specific decline in salmon numbers in Hokkaido, Japan has been attributed to the starvation of four-year-old chum salmon.

According to Russ George hundreds of millions of pacific salmon are dying. Across a 10,000 mile span, Japan and the US are reporting a collapse. These fish are starving to death at sea because the plankton has simply turned into lifeless snacks. This is literally a near total collapse of Pacific Salmon but it is not just the salmon who are dying, all forms of ocean life are being reported as dead and dying in gut-wrenching numbers.

As you know the entire Pacific Coast of the US, as well as Canada and Mexico, is contaminated with radioactive particles from Fukushima. The worse things get the more recognition Fukushima is getting. Of course, nothing has happened thus far to stop this terrible constant nuclear radiation leak but we are becoming more aware of the impending doom we are leading ourselves to.

We have found radioactive salmon before so it is possible that this decline is Fukushima-related as were the radioactive salmon. With the decline of salmon becoming so fierce it is likely that many bears will be starving in the times to come. This is something that will be impacting our world in a big way regardless of how small it may seem right now. We need to find a solution to this issue as soon as possible.

You would have to be a fool to pass something this severe off as ‘natural causes.’ Radiation in the ocean is a huge issue. The Pacific Ocean is turning into a desert. Marine mammals, seabirds, and fish are all starving to death.

Over the past few years, National Oceanic, as well as Atmospheric Administration, has noticed an ever increasing number of strandings on the beaches of California. Just in 2013 there were 1,171 stranded sea lions, this number has been increasing ever since, in 2015 it reached 2,700. There is something seriously wrong happening in the Pacific Ocean.

Starfish have also been dying by the millions up and down the west coast. Coastal food is being reshaped in a big way and there is nothing these animals can do about it. They need humanity to step in and save them. It is well past time to do something about Fukushima radiation. Please take the time to watch the video below, this issue is affecting us all in some way or another. Things are only going to get worse from here.

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