Flat Earth Believers Claim Australia Doesn’t Actually Exist, And That NASA Made It Up

By June 4, 2018 Rabbit Hole

Sure, the idea that the world was flat was already a stretch as far as getting behind it but somehow now people actually believe that Australia doesn’t exist. Apparently, NASA simply pays actors to pretend to live there, according to flat Earthers. (Let the eye-rolling commence.)

While this ‘theory’ was formed on Reddit back in 2017, it has recently been making its rounds once again. It has been viral off and on ever since and continues to make its rounds on Facebook, this time being claimed by the Flat Earth Believers. While their page in itself makes it hard to tell if they are just making jokes and trolling or if they are actually serious people somehow a lot of people do believe this theory.

This just goes to show that people will literally believe anything. You can basically say whatever you want with no backing and have plenty of people chasing you along your way. In this day and age fact checking and looking into the sources will really benefit you greatly. That being said, things like this are overwhelmingly disappointing, people actually believe this? WOW!

Below you will see an image of one of the more viral posts from back in October. It claims that Australia doesn’t exist and the idea of it, in general, was a ‘coverup’ for one of the ‘greatest mass murders in history.’ The writer continues to say that if you think you have been to Australia you are mistaken and that you were merely flown to islands nearby or in South America. Their post is a mere repost of something someone named Shelley Floyd posted some time ago.

The Earth being round has been proved time and time again in many ways, one of those ways being satellite images from space and so forth but that is a rant for another day. I guess the point of this article is to let you know that just because you see something online doesn’t mean it is the truth. In this day and age, fake news and lies are being pushed on us in many ways. It is up to us to fact check and do our best to only believe in the truth.

What do you think about all of this? No, those roughly twenty-four million people living in Australia are not all paid actors hired by NASA.

Image via YouTube

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