While when we think of a psychopath we almost always envision a crazy man who wants to kill us that is not always the case. There are plenty of female psychopaths in this world as well.

Don’t get me wrong, research does indicate there are more male psychopaths than there are female, but that doesn’t make them any less terrifying and ruthless. For those who do not know psychopaths are people who also tend to have a chronic disorder known as ‘antisocial personality disorder.’ This is something that is also present in sociopaths but the two are not interchangeable.

Psychopathy is one of the most difficult disorders to spot strangely enough and those who have it can and do often come off as charming and normal. Psychopathy is a spectrum disorder that can be diagnosed using the 20-item Hare Psychopathy Checklist. Those who are psychopathic lack empathy, guilt, or remorse. They are often quite deceitful and manipulative as well.

Psychopathic traits have been found in many women throughout time and several case studies show how present female psychopaths truly are in this world. There is actually a lady serving a life sentence in prison right now at age 20 for murder. She has been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder and clearly is psychopathic.

Amy has been described as a typical psychopath with a strong sense of self-entitlement and highly deceitful demeanor. You can learn more about psychopathy and learn the stories of some who are clearly that clicking here. With that being said, please do not get me wrong, not all psychopaths turn out to be murders.

PsychologyToday said as follows in the female psychopath:

As a psychologist who conducts violence threat assessments, I see firsthand how females can show the same capacity for psychopathy that I have seen in males. The hallmarks—eerie detachment from emotion, lack of conscience or remorse, glibness, and comfort and pride in breaking with laws and social conventions.

I recently evaluated a 27-year old female who met nearly every criterion for psychopathy. She sat on the couch in my office and recounted how she mutilated and killed her pet bunny with a pencil; how she took a video of the entire act; and how she hasn’t regretted her actions for a moment. She epitomized cool and calm as she explained, “I looked at him and knew his days were over.” This young woman is a psychopath, just one of many that may go unnoticed at work, the gym, or the supermarket.

The psychopath I describe above is different from the vast majority of women, but not from other female psychopaths. Psychopaths often start practicing their kills with animals, as my female client exemplified. For my client, the bunny wasn’t the first animal she had tortured; she had practiced torturing a couple of smaller animals before, starting as a teenager. Female psychopaths, like their male counterparts, often practice with animals but ultimately move on to higher-stakes targets—humans. The good news is that since animal cruelty is against the law, psychopaths sometimes get arrested for those acts, which introduces them to legal consequences they don’t want, perhaps slowing them down or causing them to try to control their larger impulses to hurt people.

While research on female psychopaths is limited there is enough out there for us to Female psychopaths are much more intense than their male counterparts. Female psychopaths are more likely to be repeat offenders than those without psychopathic tendencies and that in regards to inmate female psychopaths tend to commit crimes across multiple categories rather than one offense type like those without.

That being said, female psychopaths are likely to be more relationally or verbally aggressive than physically violent and end up committing less violent crime overall than their male counterparts. Because they are not studied near as much as they should be the female psychopath is not someone you want to come face to face with. For more information on female psychopaths please feel free to check out the videos below. The female psychopath is someone we should avoid at all costs. If you find yourself in a relationship with someone who matched up with the videos below, run.

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