Whether you realize it or not everytime you fall in love, even that toxic painful love it is happening for a reason. Everyone we are brought before in this life is someone we are brought before to learn from.

Life is full of lessons and some of those lessons are very hard to deal with. The people we love can either help us grow into a better person by using kindness to do their job, or they can break us down and still help us to grow by showing us exactly who and what we do not want or need in our lives.

The souls we meet in this world are all souls that were preassigned to us at the Source of it all. The Universe does not make mistakes. Life does exactly what it is supposed to do and brings us to exactly who it is supposed to bring us to. The pain and hurt we feel when our hearts are broken is a pain from which we can transform. This kind of thing brings us to a new sense of being and reminds us of who we are within.

When we find someone to love that truly deserves us everything is the opposite but still the same in many ways. We still grow from positive love, and we still become stronger but in different ways. Instead of figuring out what we need to do differently or trying to work things out we are getting to know ourselves more and building a life together.

There is no guidebook that covers how we should face the romantic relationships in our lives and if there were chances are we wouldn’t read it anyway. When someone comes into your life and brings out the best in you, you should run with that and allow it to take you as far as you possibly can. This person is going to come forth when the Universe knows you need them in your life. They are going to help you concentrate on the things to come and provide you with a lot of the stability you’ve been lacking.

Love isn’t always about having fun and being intimate, it is for the most part so much more. It is about finding someone you can share everything with and being with someone that wants to see you reach all of your goals. Someone that is going to be by your side through everything this world throws your way.

One sided love is a learning love but so are other kinds of love, we never master this magical experience and I think that in itself is something worth remembering. Even when we think we have it all figured out this Universe can and will throw us a curve ball. Not every connection you find is going to be easy, some will truly evolve you from one being into another and there is nothing wrong with that.

Remember who you are but don’t forget that growth is a very positive thing. You can grow from any and everything this world brings you to and you should. Even the nicest people can turn out to be evil and vice versa. Make sure when you fall hard, you’re falling for the right person but don’t be afraid to take a risk on someone you’re unsure of within reason. If the heart is calling out to them, there has to be some kind of reasoning behind it.

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