Don’t waste your time on someone who keeps trying to change you or someone who wants you to be someone that you will never be. True love will accept you for who you are and even love your madness as a whole. Just because you’re into someone doesn’t mean you’re in love with them. You’re only truly in love if you can take that person as they are and truly understand them. This including their flaws and perhaps negative sides. 

If you’re unable to be accepting of a person as they are or as they grow in their lives you’re not as in love with them as you think you are. You’re perhaps infatuated but not quite in love. Love is whole and without condition. Below I am going to go over some of the differences between love and infatuation so that when you’re facing one or the other you will be able to pick them apart. Don’t confuse the two, they are very different things.

5 Enormous Differences Between Love And Infatuation:

1. Real love is not one-sided but infatuation usually is.

Real love isn’t one-sided, it is something that benefits everyone involved. If you’re feeling things for someone who refuses to even acknowledge that you’re there then it’s not love. Infatuation is something we find ourselves very deep in whether we are able to see it right off the bat or not.

2. Real love doesn’t leave anyone behind, infatuation does.

Real love isn’t something that leaves anyone behind or out in the cold. It’s not toxic like infatuation can be. When you’re in love, you’re moving forth from a place of positive proper footing and able to grow in ways you otherwise would not be capable of.

3. Real love is all about growth and understanding, infatuation is merely grounded in obsession.

Real love is something that comes from a place of understanding. You are able to see the person you love from a place that holds the opportunity for growth and so much more. When you’re infatuated, you’re more or less obsessed and working to make things worse on yourself.

4. Real love is grounded in reality, infatuation is not. 

Real love is grounded in reality while infatuation isn’t. When you’re infatuated you’re more in love with the idea of this person than the person as a whole. That mostly being as you don’t even really know them as well as you might think you do. When you love someone on a real level it’s usually coming from a place of truth and knowing.

5. Real love always comes with a sense of trust, infatuation does not.

Real love is something that comes with trust and doesn’t leave you wondering whether or not the person you’re with is going to hurt you. Infatuation is grounded more-so in things like jealousy and pain which can do a lot of damage if allowed to run rampant. Being aware of this is the first step towards something big.

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