Here lately, there has been a lot of talk about mental health, and mental health awareness. And even with that being the case, people seem to be less and less aware of what mental health and mental illness truly means. Because if they truly were aware, then there wouldn’t be so many fakers in this world.

Now, before you start chewing me out, please understand: I have dealt with mental issues pretty much all of my life. No, I don’t want your sympathy. However, what I truly don’t want is to hear someone talk endlessly about how horrible they feel, and all the while understand that they are only crying for attention. (And not the right type of attention.) These types of people are the worst types of people.

And sadly, we all know them. Even sadder is the many people who use their fake illness to take the money from the hands of people who truly do deserve a welfare check. All because, yet again, they are either crying for attention or too lazy to make something of themselves. Once again, don’t call for my head just yet.

When you have spent hours unable to move, crippled in mental anguish, or hours on end too afraid to leave the room because the outside world is too horrifying, or when you have cried every single day for months for no apparent reason, then you understand that mental illness is no laughing matter. For those of you truly suffering, my heart is with you, because I understand, and I am here for you.

Mental illness is devastating and it deserves awareness, but it also deserves understanding. Just because you are sad, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are suffering from clinical depression. In the same way that having a single panic attack doesn’t necessitate an anxiety diagnosis. Do you see where I am coming from?

And I seriously am not discrediting those that are actually dealing with their legitimate illness.

But if you want attention, or you want money, you are barking up the wrong tree. In my eyes, faking a mental illness is just as depraved, if not more depraved, as someone who shaves their head and pretends to have cancer.

The only exception is that you can’t fake cancer for a Social Security check. Sadly, people go to their doctors daily and pretend they are mentally ill by claiming ‘panic attack’, or saying they hear voices when in reality the only thing they crave is attention and money. In turn, they send in their diagnosis, play the same song and dance with the government doctors, until they also get a check on top of their unmerited cry for help.

Don’t applaud these types of people, and for God’s sake, don’t give them the attention they crave. Instead, call them out on their lies, and avoid them at all costs. They are the same type of people who fall under the category of toxic.

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