With an estimated two-thirds of American adults actively using Facebook, it’s become a staple in modern living. However, have you ever stopped to wonder what everyone is getting up to on the site? This new hack may just have your answer…

It’s hard to believe that there once was a time before the creation of Facebook when your friends had to call you up to let you know about their change in relationship status, and we viewed vacation photos in person. Today, it’s a means of communication, an online selling platform, a marketing goldmine and more. Not only do we use this platform to connect with friends and family, but it also allows us to discover news from our favorite businesses, meet new people around the world, and (let’s be honest) stalk former friends and ex-lovers to find out what they have been up to.

However, have you ever stepped back and wondered just what your friends have been browsing? Are you curious about what pictures are catching your partner’s attention? Are you currently following your favorite celebrity and would love a little insight into their interests? In 2009 Facebook introduced the ‘like’ feature, allowing us to publicly acknowledge the posts, pictures, and videos that catch our attention.

When someone ‘likes’ a photo on Facebook, not only does it show their name underneath the photo as having engaged with it, but it will show up in the newsfeed of their Facebook friends for a short period of time (assuming that the photo itself isn’t locked down and therefore unable to be viewed by others). This is a fun way to see what your friends and family are up to each time that you log onto the site. But what if you’re looking for something a little more?

A new hack that has quickly been gaining attention on Facebook will actually allow you to view a collection of all of the photos that someone has liked quickly and easily. What has recently caught your best friend’s attention? Find out in a matter of only seconds…

Reveal every photo your friends have liked using this incredibly simple hack:

#1. Type ‘photos like by (insert name here) into the search bar at the top of your Facebook page, using the full name of the person you are looking into.

#2. In the page that opens up, you will see a selection of photos that they have liked on the platform. To see the full list, click ‘see more’ at the bottom of the preview.

#3. Scroll through and check out all the photos they have liked but try not to get too lost in this rabbit hole!

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