It’s that beautiful time of year where we find ourselves hanging out by the poolside, hitting the beach, and generally just basking in the beautiful summer sun. Unfortunately, anytime that there is a significant amount of time in the sun we run the risk of sunburns.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend three different behaviors that will work to protect our skin from the sun’s dangerous UV rays – using sunscreen, wearing clothing that will protect our skin from sun exposure or stay in the shade, safely out of the sun. However, the CDC reports that only 71% of American adults claim to practice at least one of these behaviors. The result? More than one-third of American adults admit to having experienced a sunburn in the last year.

Characterized by dry areas of red or pink skin that is hot to the touch, a sunburn can be incredibly painful for days following the incident. While there are some ‘tried, tested and true’ approaches to dealing with this condition, such as the use of aloe vera gel. However, who has aloe vera on hand when you need it? I know that I often find myself wondering why I didn’t just start the season by stocking up!

Mother of two Cindie Allen-Stewart was faced with a unique challenge when facing down the summer season. Her husband has a sensitivity to aloe and therefore is unable to use it. With the most obvious solution off the table, she began to explore other available remedies.

She decided to share her go-to solution on Facebook, but she could never have predicted the attention that she would receive. With over 230,000 shares and 50,000 comments, it appears the world of Facebook is beyond intrigued by this summer sun hack! The method, Allen-Stewart writes, was originally told to her mother-in-law 40 years ago by a doctor, and she has seen it work first hand. What does it require? Nothing more than a can of menthol foam shaving cream.

In the original post, Allen-Stewart wrote: “If you’re like me, you hate getting sunburned. No matter how much sunscreen you put on, some people just burn anyway. I recently told a friend about a sunburn treatment that works wonders! She told me she had never heard about it, so I figured I’d make a post because I was sunburned recently. Usually, it takes just a couple days from start to finish, but this takes the heat out of it fast and makes it more comfortable on you.

I found out about this from my husband. His mom used to do this to him when he ended up with a sunburn.

First, buy you some Menthol foam shaving cream. It has to be the foam and it has to have menthol in it. We found Gillette shaving cream on Amazon since we had problems finding menthol in stores. We ended up buying 6 cans of it, but it works out because we live in Texas and sunburns happen a lot. (Plus, we have given a couple cans to friends.)

Next, apply the shaving cream on the burn. It may seem like it’s a strange shaving ritual, but trust me! Don’t rub it in, just let it sit on your skin. It will start bringing all that heat out (you’ll be able to feel it). You may feel like you are itchy too, but that’s a good thing! Itching means healing.

Then, after about 30 minutes, the shaving cream will seem like it has dissolved in spots. It will seem like it’s not as moist and a little dried out. You will feel as if you’re becoming a little cold, at least on the sunburned part of your body. THAT IS A GOOD SIGN!

Next, rinse it off in a lukewarm or cool shower or bath. It’s just to get the residue off.

Finally, if you still need it, do it again the next day. Usually after that second treatment, the sunburn disappears.

The pictures show my treatment. The final picture was taken the third day after my sunburn. I slept great after the first treatment and when my shoulders still felt hot from the burn the next day, I had another coating of shaving cream on just my shoulders. I have not had any peeling either. I use this on my kids too!”

Her comments ranger from concern over the use of home remedies to disbelief as to whether it will work at all. If nothing else, it’s an easy solution and you may even have the supplies at home! Next time that you’re out in the sun a little too long, give this one a try.

Image via Cosmopolitan

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