Sure, we all know there are evil adults in this world but have you ever stop to consider whether or not some children can be evil? Well, whether we like it or not, there is no denying that some children are born with the ability to feel compassion or a conscience at all.

I recently came across a video on Big Think that got me thinking big time. It was about ‘The Psychopathology of Evil Children’ and was something I had not really thought too much about. While quite rare, evil children do exist. If you look at the behaviors of adults with antisocial or psychopathic tendencies a lot of those who have crossed them will mention having thought that they were able to see it coming. Basically, this is suggesting it is something we can pick up on if we are looking for it.

According to Psychology Today some of the more common signs that a child may be inherently ‘evil’ would be as follows:

The child does not feel guilty after misbehaving.

The child is overly selfish.

The child lies.

The child is sneaky.

The child does not change his or her behavior even when punished.

Children are already not as morally developed in their brains as adults are. Some children can go through brain changes that make them bad and so forth. In the video mentioned above, callous-unemotional youth is what ‘young psychopaths’ are often referred to. Research on these kinds of children is not as extensive as it should be. As our world is today there is not much that can be done about these things.

The truth is, when a child begins to show his or her personality things will stick out. Whether or not you think it is their environment or their brain that makes them this way does not really matter. Child psychopaths while very few are still a real thing.


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