The aura is described by many to be an electromagnetic energy field that exists surrounding people, encompassing the body, but to those that are spiritually minded, it is so much more. Your aura is a reflection of yourself, down to a spiritual level.

It is a manifestation of your health, thought patterns, behavior, personality traits and spiritual beliefs. In fact, for those that possess the ability to read auras, it can reveal a great deal about the individual in question.

As the Zodiac is built on the concept of energy, and the personality traits that are created by the manifestation of this energy and the influence of the sun, moon, and planets, one can predict how the aura will appear based on an individual’s zodiac sign. Sure, there are always going to be exceptions to any rule, but for those that genuinely fit the description of their sign, this is a highly educated prediction! Born right near the divide between two signs? This is referred to as being ‘born on the cusp,’ and can have a significant influence on where you fit. Read both signs and you may find a better understanding of where you belong.

The Aura Color Associated with Each Zodiac Sign – What’s Yours?

Aries – Bright Red

It should come as no surprise to anyone that this cold, confident and aggressive fire sign is associated with a bright red aura. This color has the ability to summarize all of the main traits associated with an Aries from their explosive temper to the fire in their eyes, their incredible passion to their bold confidence. They know what they want in life, and nothing is going to stand in their way.

Taurus – Forest Green

Stable and grounded, Taurus is incredibly tuned into the natural environment. They draw their power from the earth, and it can be seen in the beautiful forest green aura that accompanies them wherever they go. Determined and loyal, they will go to great lengths to provide for and care for the people that they love, often seen as the roots that hold their family together.

Gemini – Yellow

Gemini are optimistic and upbeat, seeing the world around them with a playfulness and light that empowers them to radiate joy everywhere that they go. They choose not to see life too seriously, staying in touch with their inner child well into their adult lives. They bring a smile to the face of everyone they meet and light up the room simply by walking into it.

Cancer – Pink

Sensitive, heartfelt and driven primarily by their emotions, Cancer is a sign closely associated with the heart and as such, their aura radiates a beautiful soft pink. They wear their heart on their sleeve, genuinely caring for everyone that they meet throughout their lives. You will always know what a Cancer is feeling as they have no luck in hiding their emotions from the people around them.

Leo – Reddish-Orange

Bold, confident and powerful, there is a reason that the Leo is represented by the lion. King/Queen of the jungle, their aura represents this status, radiating in a powerful reddish-orange representative of a lion’s mane. This showcases their ego and confidence, showing the world that they are a force to be reckoned with, and they know it.

Virgo – Royal Blue

With a logical and rational view of the world around them, Virgo is the very definition of truth and honesty. They hold themselves to an incredibly high standard, communicating exactly how they feel with those that they meet. These highly intelligent individuals radiate a royal blue aura, a representation of their intellect and honest nature.

Libra – Bluish-Green

A Libra is the true definition of balance and harmony, creating peace wherever they go. They seek to view the world through objective eyes, taking the time to understand every person they meet at a deep and personal level. They refuse to get worked up or upset, maintaining a calm and collected demeanor in every situation that they face.

Scorpio – Indigo

While some signs wear their heart on their sleeves, Scorpios are a total mystery to the world around them. They live their lives largely in secret, sharing only what they have to in order to get through their day to day activities. If they do find someone that they feel they can trust completely, they will lift the mask and reveal their true selves, but this is rare.

Sagittarius – Bright Orange

Adventurous, wild and full of excitement, Sagittarius enjoy making the most of life and truly living every day to the fullest. Their bright orange aura represents their creativity, confidence, and appetite for life. They seek to try everything once, always interested in new experiences and meeting new people. This fun-loving outlook on life ensures that life with a Sagittarius friend is never boring!

Capricorn – Deep Red

While many other signs will live their life driven by emotion, Capricorn chooses to live their life focused on the facts and data. They are incredibly logical and resourceful, able to succeed in everything they do largely due to their impressive ability to plan and organize every last detail. This desire to persevere and succeed can be seen through their deep red aura.

Aquarius – Bright Green

Unique, quirky and sometimes a little ‘eccentric,’ there is no one that is quite like an Aquarius. They are able to see outside the box, which allows them to discover new and unique approaches to some of life’s greatest challenges. Aquarius regularly place the needs and desires of others over their own, making extreme sacrifices, but if they are pushed too far watch out!

Pisces – Violet

Intuitive, dream-focused and romantic, Pisces doesn’t see the world around them as it is but rather as what it could be. They spend much of their lives with their head in the clouds, actively ignoring the harsh reality of the world around them. They are creative and artistic and possess a deep love for everyone that they meet.

Feature Image Source: Wholesome Ayurveda

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