For 25,000 we, as a planet, have been leaving on this plane, one that has been rife with evil, negativity, struggles, and challenges. Many individuals have been working towards reaching a level of spiritual awakening and enlightenment that will allow them to rise above the negativity and hate that exists in the world around us, however, this is a battle in going against the current, surrounded by the struggles and hurt of the masses.

Good news – we have reached an incredible time, an opportunity for true ascension. This occurs during a phenomenon called an ‘Event Horizon,’ a time when the energy and light from the Galactic Central Sun and the energy from the core of the Earth, the heart of our planet, meet upon the planet’s surface. This causes a big wave or flash – both of light and divine energy, spreading out across the planet reaching all living entities.


To better understand this, you must realize the difference between the sun as we know it, the provider of light and warmth on our planet, and the galactic central sun. A source of spiritual energy, the galactic central sun is an object located in the Sagittarius constellation.

From a scientific stance, an event horizon can be defined asa boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer.’ In other words, the event horizon is the ‘point of no return.’ From a spiritual perspective, the phenomenon is similar, this is a point in our spiritual existence at which you can no longer turn back, a line in the sand marking a significant shift. Those coming up to this shift cannot see it or life beyond it, however, and those who have been delivered through the ascension cannot return to their lives before it.

As this energy spreads across the planet it will bring with it great joy, love, and peace. Reaching into even the darkest of corners and forgotten places on the planet, it will drive out negativity and hate replacing it with its healing light. This is a major shift that has never before been seen here on Earth, one that will be felt by each and every one of us whether we believe in its existence or not. It’s power, however, will be powered and intensified by the positivity of those of us here on the planet. For this reason, it is important that we understand it’s full powers and prepare for it to come.


The early stages of spiritual ascension are not always comfortable, often involving symptoms such as headaches, body aches, and pains, bursts of energy and mood swings. This is the time in which your body, mind, and soul are working through the energy shift, adjusting to the new, higher frequencies. Try to remain patient with yourself and practice self-care, ensuring that you are getting enough rest to allow your body to work through this somewhat challenging time.

In order to help boost the positive reach of this phenomenon, we need to begin by practice regular ascension meditation. This may be as simple as a 30 min meditation daily, focusing on the overall betterment of humanity. This means envisioning true, unconditional love surrounding and embracing our planet, and everyone on it. For others, ascension meditation is slightly more structured, but still with the same end goal of welcoming, encouraging and empowering the positive energies that will bring humanity through the ascension process. The more that we share this message and band together, practicing regular ascension meditation and empowering the coming energies, the more incredible this shift will be for humanity.

Try this guided ascension meditation:


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