Embalmed Alive: Russian Woman Dies After Being Injected With Formalin

By April 15, 2018 Crime, World News

A young Russian woman has recently died and been making headlines everywhere. The cause of her death will completely blow you away, medical mix-ups like this should NEVER happen.

She was mistakenly infused with a concentrated embalming chemical during a routine surgery. According to a report by the state-controlled news agency RT the woman who passed, Ekaterina Fedyaeva was at a hospital in the western Russian city of Ulyanovsk when this occurred. It has been said that her operation was basically one in which she was getting an ovarian cyst removed.

The information in regards to this incident has been quite conflicting depending on the source. For instance, if you look at RT’s website they write that she was “accidentally injected into the abdominal cavity by formalin during a planned laparoscopic operation.” Fox News, on the other hand, says the hospitalhooked her up to a formalin drip”. For those who do not know formalin is something that contains formaldehyde and is used to prevent corpses from decomposing.

RT reported as follows on what was done in regards to this terrible event:

“A criminal case has been instituted against medical personnel for causing death by negligence. The chief doctor of Ulyanovsk hospital, where the operation was conducted, was fired.”

Because the dose of formalin she got before the mistake was realized was so high she was not able to cope with the poisoning and her body eventually shut down. Doctors tried to wash the abdominal cavity (as reported by RT) but it did not do much good at all. Basically, this all happened because someone did not read what they were about to be using be it a mere injection or an ‘IV bag.’ She died on April 5th which was several weeks after her procedure.

To learn more about this please feel free to check out the video below. This is something that could happen anywhere and while we shouldn’t be afraid of hospitals sort of scares the shit out of me. What do you think about this?

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