Elon Musk Touches On His Most Amazing Idea Yet, Traveling From City to City in Under One Hour

By September 30, 2017 Science, Technology

Elon Musk has come up with some interesting things in his time but this takes the cake! In the future, we may be able to travel anywhere on this planet in under an hour.

As you know Elon Musk is CEO of SpaceX and is forever cooking up something new in regards to space, he recently unveiled his newly revised moon and Mars travel plans. During this, Musk mentioned at the end of his talk that by using the same interplanetary rocket system when it comes to long-distance travel here on Earth we may be able to travel to most places within about 30 minutes.

For this, they would be using SpaceX’s planned mega rocket BFR (Big Fucking Rocket) to lift what one would consider being a massive spaceship into orbit around our planet. Musk mentions wanting to begin construction on this rocket very soon. As reported by the Verge, the ship or ships mentioned above will be able to carry anywhere from 80 to 200 people at one time.

Musk says:

“The great thing about going to space is there’s no friction, so once you’re out of the atmosphere… It’ll be smooth as silk, there’s no weather,”

Musk is not the only one hoping to perfect something of the sort as Richard Branson has even said himself that perfecting a rocket plane would be ideal. While most of you will say this is an insane idea, you should remember than Musk generally does what he sets out to do, whether it takes awhile or not.

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