As you most likely know, the blood moon on Friday is going to really stir up our collective energy. While you might not have taken the planets around ours into consideration, Mars is going to be influencing this lunar eclipse more than you know.

Mars is going to be shining brighter than it has in over 10 years and will be bringing forth some very interesting changes within all of our lives. While you will not be able to see these things happening from the US, if you are in Europe, Australia, Asia, or Africa you will see them just fine. That being said, regardless of where you are, these energies will hold power over you.

The moon will appear a red/orange color and below it, you will notice something that appears much brighter than any other star in the sky, this will be Mars. You can be both Mars and the blood moon without any kind of eye protection or viewing apparatus, all you need is the naked eye.

Mars, for those who might not quite be aware, is the God of war and ruler of Aries. This is a planet of great action and desire. If you have been wanting to do something, the power of Mars is going to push you more to it in the days to come. Mars is a very aggressive planet that really shoves everything out in the open and forces us all to deal with it. When partnered with the energy of the blood moon this is asking for trouble.

The blood moon itself will be a challenge. It will be emotionally charged and cause us to be much more reckless than we would normally be. Remaining as calm and collected as possible might really do you some good. During this time, you should be working to avoid conflict and work through that anger. As this will also be the longest lunar eclipse of the century thus far these energies will not be dying down anytime soon. They will be sticking with us for a good while.

We will be pulled to focus our intentions and emotions on our home life and those who are closest to us. Mars is going to be easily the most influential planet before us during this time so while you will be feeling strong please don’t let it go to your head. The emotions you are facing are not going to be easy to hold back but you should try to at least think them through before expressing them.

Try to apply the energies before you to do something productive. The more you work towards something positive the more success you may find. Do not forget the energetic side of things. While the lunar eclipse and Mars itself might be pretty to look at, they hold so much more for us than a mere special moment.

What do you think about all of this? I am excited to see what these energies hold for me.

Image via George Kavas

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