If you have been paying attention to the things going on with the celestial bodies currently, then you already know that July was jam-packed with energetic action. Included among those events were two eclipses, and it doesn’t appear that eclipse season will be over any time soon, as we will experience another on August 11th.

This particular eclipse will only be visible from a few select locations. If you are in Scandinavia, North or East Asia, or the North Atlantic you might be able to catch a nice glimpse. For a full map of where it will be visible click here. This being a solar and not a lunar eclipse you will need to use special glasses when viewing as to protect your eyes properly. Looking at the sun with your naked eye is never recommended. It is set to peak in the early morning hours.

For those who do not know, a partial solar eclipse happens when the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth but only partially covers the Sun’s disk. Their alignment is not a perfectly straight line and so the Moon’s shadow is only able to cast itself in a partial manner on Earth. Sometimes, during a partial eclipse the sun will be almost entirely covered, or just barely covered, it just depends.

Solar eclipses can also only occur during New Moon phases. This is because of the Moon’s orbital path around the Earth itself. There are three stages of a partial solar eclipse. Those stages include eclipse beginning, maximum eclipse, and partial solar eclipse ending. This kind of thing actually occurs much more often than you would think.

Solar eclipses whether partial or otherwise always occur within about two weeks of a lunar eclipse. The last time we had an eclipse triad like this one was in 2011 and we will not have another until 2029.  Will you be able to watch where you are?


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