Dozens Shot Over Memorial Day Weekend As The Collapse Of Chicago Accelerates

By May 30, 2016 Crime

Chicago is known for its less than prestigious neighborhoods, and this Memorial Day weekend we have found out why. Deaths and injuries due to gang violence are at an all-time high over the holiday weekend.

Chaos threatens to spiral out of control in America’s third largest city, and nobody seems to have any idea on how to solve the escalating problem.

There were nearly two dozen shootings on the West Side, pushing the number of people shot during the weekend to at least 40. As of Sunday, the toll stood at four dead and 49 wounded across the city, including a 15-year-old girl shot to death as she rode in a Jeep, police said.

“If something doesn’t change, if we don’t get jobs for these kids, if we don’t change the economic situation, I’m worried that we could be looking at a bloodbath,” said the Rev. Corey Brooks, a pastor on the city’s South Side, a mostly African-American area where some of the shootings have been concentrated. “If something doesn’t happen, I fear that we’re potentially looking at one of the worst summers we’ve ever had.”

And as of Friday morning, homicides in Chicago were up 52% in 2016.

“As we’ve said before, it’s about 1,500 people that are driving the violence, those are the people we’re trying to concentrate on,” according to First Deputy Superintendent John Escalante.

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