Donald Trump Destroys CNN by Calling Them “Fake News” and Decimates Buzzfeed

During a press conference that took place today President Elect Donald Trump had a few very strong words towards the “false and fake” news. In his own words, he felt that its a disgrace that the U.S media has released information to the public that was completely false.

There were two media sources in particular at which he aimed his comments: Buzzfeed and CNN. In his own words, he referred to CNN as “fake news” and blasted them for promoting false information from Buzzfeed on Russia. When his speech transitioned to Buzzfeed, he stated that they would and probably were already paying for their actions, and dismissed them as a “failing pile of garbage.”

CNN reporter Jim Acosta then began attempting to shout at the President Elect, yelling, “Since you are attacking our news organization-” Before he could finish his sentence, Trump immediately shut him down by saying, “Not you. Your organization is terrible.” In a whiny response, Acosta stated, “You are attacking our news organization. Can you give us a chance to ask a question?”

Acosta continued to repeat the same question over and over, while Trump quickly and repetitively scolded, “Don’t be rude. No, I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news.”

Since the Presidential Election, the topic of “fake news” has been thrown around by the mainstream media as a means to dismiss the alternative news. Many have even blamed the “fake news” for pushing Russian propaganda and having Trump elected. Now, in the past month, we have heard various unsubstantiated claims that allege that Russia actually hacked the election. Finally, today, in a win for the alternative news, and for anyone else fighting to get true information, Trump called CNN/Buzzfeed out for what THEY are: “fake news,” and a “failing pile of garbage.”

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