While this may be hard to believe for many, doctors do not always have our best interest in mind. What’s worse, is that we are now living in a world where disease has become a profitable empire and in turn, people have been falsely diagnosed in the name of money.

This may seem like a very grim circumstance, however, there is good news: with modern information being more easily accessible they can be caught and named as the frauds they are.

As one example, Dr. Farid Fata openly admitted in court in 2014 that he intentionally and incorrectly diagnosed healthy people with cancer. Furthermore, he admitted that he had administered chemotherapy to such patients to obtain profits.

According to the government, Fata kept his scam going from 2009-2016, and included a patient load of 1,200 people. During the time his scheme continued, he received $62 million dollars from Medicare. Because of this, a U.S attorney sought life in prison for the doctor.

It is also important to note that Fata later appealed his 2014 conviction and argued that his lawyer gave him bad advice. The government is still trying to get $26.4 million back from Fata, according to an article by the Detroit Free Press.

And while this isn’t the sort of behavior you would expect from your trusted physician, it’s important that patients realize that this sort of thing can happen. Make sure that you look into the doctor you choose before you make an appointment. Your health is above all, your priority.

This article was updated to reflect the following changes:

The original article title stated that there were multiple doctors when the main article was talking about only one doctor, Dr. Farid Fata.

The original article also had a quote from a doctor named Dr. Sayed Mohammed that we got from theparishlawfirm.com. It was brought to our attention that the quote had nothing to back it up, and that nothing could be found on the credentials of the supposed doctor.

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