Discover Your Most Powerful Chakra With This Simple Quiz

By December 4, 2018 Spirituality

The energy that we experience and release into the world is directed through 7 specific points in the body, known as Chakras. These locations in the body influence and guide everything that we do, but have you ever stopped to consider which on may be leading the charge?

Each of the body’s main chakras is associated with a different part of the body, and with that, a different aspect of our person. For example, the ‘Root Chakra’ is the most basic grounding energy in our lives, establishing a foundation upon which everything else will be built. When making decisions, it resorts back to our survival instincts. Meanwhile, the ‘Crown Chakra’, is exactly the opposite, governing every decision that it makes based on our spiritual selves and the connection that we feel with the Divine.

These energy centers are often described as being like small wheels, spinning as the energy of the Universe travels through them and along the center point of our bodies. They can be maintained and encouraged to work at their optimal level through meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and conscious breathing.

When our chakras are open and balanced, our energy can move freely throughout our bodies. This benefits us in many different ways, promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. This is the moment that our body, mind, and soul all align, functioning at their optimal level. It is also the perfect opportunity to connect with the Universe. If, however, one of the chakras become blocked, impeding the flow of energy through the body, it can have an incredibly negative impact on our lives.

The chakra that you are most closely connected with, the ‘primary’ chakra that guides your thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions, can reveal a great deal about who you are as a person. For example, those who are driven by the ‘Sacral Chakra’ are highly creative and confident in their sexuality. Meanwhile, those who allow their ‘Heart Chakra’ to lead the way will make all of their decisions guided by true love.

Which primary chakra guides your life, and what does this reveal about your true personality? This quiz will reveal the truth:

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