The origins of the Universe regardless of the theory you choose to believe are quite amazing. When you really break things down it is quite amazing that we are where we are today.

One of the most widely accepted/thought to be scientifically accurate models of our existence would be the Big Bang Theory. Whether you have looked into it or not it is something you should break down at least once in your life. If you really look into it, it makes destiny or fate seem even more present in the world.

The Universe was born during a period of what you might call inflation, 14 billion years ago. We all came from something that almost didn’t happen and only happened by chance in itself. The Universe was initially permeated only by energy and some of this energy shaped into particles. From there it became light atoms and then came the first galaxies and everything else that makes up the Universe we live in now.

Credit: Nasa/WMAP


There once was nothing, and now there is EVERYTHING. Our rapidly expanding Universe was pretty much ’empty’ in many ways, but also held lots of dark energy. During the inflation period, it made the Universe smooth out and accelerate. With that being said, it didn’t stick around for very long at all. Dark energy is something even now we do not truly understand.

What caused the inflation, to begin with, is a mystery to us all even now. The shape of everything we know to be the world we live in came from a mere coincidence when you really think about it. Perhaps it was destiny for us to end up where we are in current times. Everything happens for a reason and perhaps our existence was the reason behind all of those events in themselves.

After inflation, the Universe was most likely filled with a hot plasma of some kind that was able to somehow cool just enough to allow the first protons and neutrons to form. Within the first three minutes of the completion of this Big Bang, these protons and neutrons began fusing with one another. So many things went into getting where we are today and most of it we will never truly be able to comprehend.

While this is just a theory, it truly is amazing to think about. Will we ever truly know where we came from? Will we ever truly understand our lives? Probably not but in the end, there has to be some kind of purpose behind our lives. What is your favorite theory of the universe?

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