Sure, there are tons and tons of different theories out there in regards to Hitler but this one has something fierce backing it. If you have never seen the television program Hunting Hitler you might want to check it out.

This television show is working to prove that Hitler actually survived the war and fled to Argentina. This show began broadcasting back in 2015 and is compiled by a group of specialists who are working to expose the truth about Hitler in current times. According to documents that were declassified back in 2014 by the FBI the idea that Hitler may have survived and is more likely than anyone is willing to admit.

In this series, a CIA veteran goes over the possible escape routes that Hitler could have used to make his escape. Could Hitler have actually spent the rest of his years after his possible escape living a normal life after everything that happened? Why else would it have taken German officials 11 whole years to declare Hitler’s death officially? Sounds a bit sketchy to me.

The FBI file mentioned above is heavily redacted so there is most likely something that we need to know that of course, we are not being told. This FBI report is dated for September 21st, 1945 and tells the story of a man who aided six top Argentinian officials in landing Hitler onto Argentine soil via submarine and hid him in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. With that being said, this part of the report was not verifiable during the time because something that was considered to be important could not be located. You can look at this document below.

Declassified FBI documents by amacias2928 on Scribd

What do you think, could Hitler have actually managed to escape? I for one am on the fence about this whole thing. Take a look at the trailer for Hunting Hitler below and feel free to check out the show. I know I will be binge-watching in the near future.

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