We all know what daylight savings time is and most of us dread it. It is when we trade an hour of morning light for an evening of shadows.

Have you ever wondered why we did this or what effects it could be having on your body? Well, it is for sure interrupting out sleep schedules and that can be a big issue. Researchers have estimated that we all deprive ourselves of an extra 40 minutes of sleep because of this.

It takes about two weeks for us to adjust to the change each time it happens. This change is something that spikes noticeable increases in car crashes as well. Those tired drivers, according to researchers, may have caused about 30 extra deaths from 2002-2011. No, that is not a joke.

Lots of states are petitioning and working to try and get the people out of participating altogether. While it was originally done to save energy in recent times, it isn’t doing much at all. With less than half of the countries in the world participating in the clock changing craze there isn’t much sense in it anymore.

To add to the growing list of issues with daylight savings, it has also been linked with an almost 25 percent spike in heart attack visits countrywide. There are also increases in things like strokes, work-related injuries, and a slight bump in suicide rates as well. This cannot all be a mere coincidence. People are just too tired to function and being affected in negative ways by this unnecessary change.

A bill to allow Florida to remain on daylight savings time year-round has actually even been sent to Florida Gov. Rick Scott to be signed. This has sparked interest in the US and people everywhere are wondering why we hadn’t all thought of this sooner. Hawaii and Arizona have already done away with it so it seems the other states may soon be following suit.

Now, if you are in a state where daylight savings is still a thing there are a few things you can do to help prevent/reduce the fatigue that may follow. For instance, you can eat dinner a bit earlier as to put your body into ‘bedtime’ mode, stop using your phones or things of the sort before bed, and if all else fails, take an afternoon nap.  This pointless ritual is doing far more harm than good, it needs to come to an end.


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