Something is certainly not right about the world health care. Those who are able to afford it are just prescribed toxic medications, half the world is unable to even receive healthcare, and disease and infection are on the rise!

There are a lot of things wrong with the pharmaceutical industry in a lot of different aspects. The big pharma is crooked and cruel and they only care about dollars, not lives. They do not want to cure disease because no disease equals no money for them. It’s basic human cruelty, and it’s likely that the modern day health epidemics are entire to blame on them. Even scarier, is that there is a real-life plague outbreak in Madagascar – yes, Plague.

Some of the largest parts of the world are completely neglected of healthcare in general, and it’s about to really bite the ones who deny it to them in the butts. I’m sure as a side effect of their neglect, there has been a massive plague outbreak in Madagascar with approximately 1,192 people infected and 124 dead since August.

Madagascar is not new to plague epidemics, but this one particular outbreak has already broken three times higher than the annual outbreak total, causing great concern among researchers and scientists. Approximately 67% of the outbreak cases are pneumonic – the most serious plague. According to a report published Monday by the United Nations Office for Coordination Of Humanitarian Affairs and Madagascar’s National Office For Risk and Disaster Management, this type of plague can be spread from person to person rather than via the bite of an infected animal – making it that much more deadly.

The disease is caused by the bacterium Yersinia Pestis and is frequently carried by rats and infected fleas and ticks. “The total number of cases (1,192) is already three times higher than the average annual total,” the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management said in a report on Wednesday. It is estimated that they will need $9.5 million in aid to counter the epidemic, while only $3 million has been raised.

This is terrifying news for humanity, and all we can do is donate what we can and send good vibes for the control of the outbreak. Remember the last severe outbreak wiped out 63% of the world population, let’s hope that it does not come to that. 

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