Dead Satellite has Just Started Sending Out Eerie Messages After 50 Years of Silence

The LES1 satellite is an American satellite that was abandoned in space in 1967, or over fifty years ago. Recently, the satellite suddenly came back online and started transmitting strange messages.

In 2013, amateur astronomers thought that they may have found the satellite. However, they were unable to confirm transmissions until now. The LES1 or Lincoln Laboratory Experimental satellite was built by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was launched into space in 1965.

Unfortunately, a mistake was made in the satellite’s circuitry that caused it to never leave its circular orbit. Eventually, a few years later in 1967, the craft stopped transmitting. Now, the signal is fluctuating widely in strength, which could indicate that it has lost its battery power and can only transmit by use of its solar panels.

Phil Williams was the amateur astronomer who picked up the odd signal. According to him the sound that the craft emitted was what could only be described as a “ghostly sound”. He feels that a component failure may have caused the transmitter to start up again on 237MHz, although it can only do so as the panels come into the light. Of course, this random occurrence is still that of a very strange nature, considering that the satellite remained silent for years.

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