We are currently in a very energetically active period and with that, the cycle of energy moving before us is going to be causing a lot of different things within all of our lives. While some of us might be experiencing good things, not everyone will react to these energies in the same manner.

Chances are you have been feeling these energies for quite some time now. You will notice that the more you try to fight the energies at play, the more stressed out you will feel. The more you allow these energies to really work their magic on you without putting up a fight the further they will end up pushing you.

These energies come from all of the things currently going on in the celestial work. This meaning all of the retrogrades, the partial solar eclipse to come, and all of the astrological things you have been hearing about as of late. Below I am going to go over some of the things you might notice happening because of these energies. These are the different ways they might be manifesting for you and as mentioned above remember if you embrace them, things will go over a lot more smoothly.

Potential Manifestations of The Energetic Cycle Before Us:

1. You may begin something new in your life.

You might begin a new project, job, or literally, move across the globe. There are endless options when it comes to new beginnings but plenty of them to come. These energies want you to really build towards something amazing.

2. You might begin feeling highly motivated.

You are becoming much more motivated. These energies will really try to get you up and off of your feet. They push you to stay active in your life and really want you to begin making changes towards something positive.

3. Your sleeping patterns change.

You either struggle to sleep or can’t get out of bed. We all react to energies differently. Your body might become overwhelmed and this is one of the ways you will notice it.

4. You feel as if you are constantly losing track of time.

When the energies before us are more intense than we expect them to be, we tend to lose track of time. You might feel like minutes are hours and hours are minutes. Everything will feel like it is being shaken upside down.

5. Your senses become much more intense.

Your senses begin really standing out to you. You might become more light sensitive or more sensitive to loud noises. Nothing will be the same way that it was ‘before.’

6. You are being pushed to really clean up your act.

The manifestation of these energies will really make you want to get your life together. The more you get up and begin to make positive changes the more these energies will really work for you. If you don’t take the initiative things won’t end up where they need to be.

Don’t set yourself up for a letdown, allow these energies to do for you whatever they will do. Don’t try to make something happen, allow the things that will happen to happen. These energies are going to truly bring you where you need to be.

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