This interesting little bird did something pretty interesting and the internet world is going crazy over it. Sure, you might expect a crow to run off with someone’s shiny credit card, however, it is what he does with it that makes this truly amazing.

Twitter user @Kinoshi42155049 posted a video of this crow playing around with a ticket machine before stealing a ladies credit card and trying to buy his or her own train ticket. Could you imagine? I am sure just from watching the video it is one of those things that would blow us all away in person.

While the sticker on the card might have peaked the bird’s interest, it seems that this bird actually used the card… Birds are so much more intelligent than we give them credit for. Sure, the crow most likely didn’t know what was happening but it is clear that he or she did know that people had been using their cards in the manner that it attempted.

A local news source reported as follows on the crow incident:

For many locals here, crows are such a prominent aspect of everyday life that people have to cover their trash with mesh to deter the birds from getting into their scraps, and local governments set up crow traps at parks and temples to cull the population, which has been rising steadily every year.

The big black birds are so used to living alongside humans that they’re not afraid of invading their personal spaces, and for one particular crow spotted recently, that means cutting the line at the station to buy a train ticket from the automatic machines…and stealing a commuter’s credit card to pay for it in the process.

Crows are extremely intelligent and are capable of solving complex puzzles and problems so when you really think about it this is not that surprising. It even goes so far as to return the card to its rightful owner once it has played around a bit. Feel free to take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.

I for one think there is something fascinating about the way animals are able to do so much. They are far more interesting than we tend to notice. Crows have always been some of my favorite creatures and this makes me love them even more.


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